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Application for rental apartment

You can fill out the application form using your computer, a tablet or a smartphone, then save it as pdf and submit it to us for processing with the required attachments. Secure email is recommended, but you can also send the application form and the attachments by post.

Please note: at the moment it is not possible to enter form data in the preview window. To fill in the application, print or download the form and use the Fill and Sign feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The preview of the application form may not display correctly on some mobile browsers (Opera Mini, Chrome) – the form can nevertheless be downloaded from the button with the text ”Lataa”. We apologise for the language incompatibility and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

About accessibility: The form is currently being updated and during the process the PDF-version may not be fully accessible regarding keyboard navigation and screen reader use. If you observe any accessibility issues with the form, please let us know and we will try to resolve them along with the language issues of the page – the global WordPress template declares the page language to be Finnish as opposed to English. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Filling an electronic application

We recommend the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application (opens in a new tab) for filling out pdf-forms, as its Fill & Sign feature allows you to add your signature to the digital form without having to print it once you’ve filled other form fields. The application is available for PC and mobile devices from the Adobe website.

Once you’ve added the signature, the application form is ready to be saved and sent for processing with the attachments. The attachments to the application can also be supplied in the digital pdf-format, so you save on paper, money and time.

Where to send the application

Postal address

Kauhajoen Asunnot
c/o Suupohjan Tili-Isäntä
PL 69

Please note: The Finnish Post takes care of postal deliveries (including regular first- and second-class letters) according to a set schedule.

  • Delivery days from 1.4.2022 onwards – Mon, Wed, Fri; Tue and Thu reduced service

Email address


If copying and pasting the email address, do remember to replace the (at) with an @ symbol and ensure there are no spaces in the address. Due to the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) we recommend using a secure, encrypted email service if the messages you are sending contain personal data such as name or address details, ID numbers etc.

Visiting address

Kauhajoen Asunnot
c/o Suupohjan Tili-Isäntä
Töyräkuja 2,

If you are in town, you can also deliver the application in person. Please make note of the business hours, as our office is open from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., not including public holidays. For out-of-hours deliveries of mail, the company has a post box in the corner of Töyräkuja and Kiertotie (there is also a sign for the office).

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