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Required attachments for rental application

In addition to the application form, your application for a rental flat requires a few other documents, namely proof of financial assets and proof of current monthly income. Because Kauhajoen Asunnot has received support from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, we are required to assess applications using pre-defined criteria, which is why we request financial and other details from our applicants.

Note: If you are a citizen of non-EEA country (link to a country list opens in a new tab) we will also require a copy of your passport as proof of identity and residen, including the residence permit section. This is required from both students and other applicants.

1) Proof of financial assets

What is required?
The most recent tax assessment notice from the Finnish Tax Administration, including its itemised section. This is required from each resident over 18 years of age, as total household income is part of the assessment of the housing application.

Good to know: You can download an electronic (pdf) copy of your tax assessment notice at any time from the Finnish Tax Administration’s MyTax web portal, provided that you have Finnish online banking logins or Finnish Mobile ID (link opens in a new tab) for authentication. You can then submit the pdf copy with your rental housing application.

If you do not yet have a Finnish tax number, please contact our customer support via email with a description of your circumstances so that we can advise you on the way forward. Our customer care team is available from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 11:00 and 16:00 EET/EEST and will respond as soon as possible.

2) Proof of current monthly income:

If you have Finnish online banking logins or Finnish Mobile ID, you can request a digital extract from the Finnish Incomes Register (link opens in a new tab)and submit the extract as proof of current monthly income.

The report takes approximately 20 minutes to compile in real time. When it is ready, you can download your extract from the Incomes Register website in pdf-format to your smartphone or computer. The electronic database is maintained by the Finnish Tax Administration and now contains all earnings-related information from employers and social security entities. If you’d like to know more or have additional questions, you can read more about the Incomes Register (opens in a new tab) from their site.


If you do not have Finnish online banking logins or Mobile ID and cannot sign in to the Incomes Register, you can submit other documents as proof of income. This information is requested as we require information on where the funds for the rent and the deposit payment originate from, and that you have secure means of support to cover the rent.

  • Working applicant: salary certificate / recent payslip from your employer
  • Applicant moving to Kauhajoki from another municipality: signed certificate from the employer including the starting date of employment and the amount of salary
  • Applicant is a pensioner: proof of the gross amount of the pension payable to the applicant
  • Unemployed: proof of daily unemployment benefit payable to the applicant
  • Self-employed person: the latest profit and loss account and balance sheet or income statement form for the applicant’s business
  • Applicant on maternity leave, parental leave, study leave or leave of absence: certificate of salary before the commencement date of the leave

3a) If applicable: Proof of income deductions

  • State-guaranteed student loans
  • The child maintenance payments

3b) If applicable: details of property ownership

If you or cohabitant own an apartment, a detached house or some other property, please provide the following:

  • Statement of the property/properties current value
  • A copy of the conveyance, if the property has been abandoned
  • Certificate of possible debts related to the property

3c) If applicable: Supplementary information for the assessment of individual circumstances

Depending on the applicant’s situation in life, please provide the following:

  • Student: for over 18-year-olds, a student certificate showing the estimated time of completion
  • Conscripts on compulsory military service: military service statement
  • Expectant applicants: Certificate of pregnancy
  • Redundancy/ eviction decision/ fixed-term lease
  • The health inspectors statement/ demolition decision of applicant’s present housing
  • Medical certificate, if the health conditions have an impact on housing needs

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