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House rules in Kauhajoen Asunnot properties | Code of conduct

We don’t expect you to know everything or to be a mind-reader. If you haven’t yet lived in a terraced house or an apartment in Finland, or if you have rented an apartment from a different company before, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the house rules which are to be followed in the properties belonging to the Kauhajoen Asunnot portfolio. That way you can get an idea of what is expected from everyone, and can decide if the rules are something you wish to commit to following. You can get a printed copy from the office. If you have questions or are unsure about something, now or later, feel free to ask our customer support team about it. We want everyone to enjoy living in their Kauhajoen Asunnot home.

What must one know about the house rules?

The house rules for Kauhajoen Asunnot residents are part of the rental contract. They consist of a rule set that must be followed while on the Kauhajoen Asunnot property and inside the rental apartment. Many of them are based on laws and regulations relating to provision of housing, health and safety, and living in Finland.

When signing a rental contract, the tenant agrees to follow the house rules and also explain the content of each rule to other members of the family who may not be present at the time. The tenant must also ensure that their guests follow the house rules, as the tenant is responsible for their guests’ behaviour while the guests are on the property.

What is the purpose of house rules?

The house rules set the code of conduct for all tenants on the property, as well as any guests or family members of the tenants. We are almost certain that no-one has read every volume of the Finnish law and knows it all by heart. Therefore the aim of the rules is to 1) set out in clear terms what is expected from everyone while on the property, 2) ensure that everyone follows the regulations related to renting an apartment and the use of communal spaces and 3) keep the environment of the flat and the property clean, safe and comfortable. We believe this is in the best interest of everyone. Clear communication also reduces the number of potential misunderstandings, which is always preferable.

What happens if I don’t follow the house rules?

Repeated house rule breaches (that is, there is more than one incident, or the behaviour is continuous) by the tenant, their family members or guests are valid grounds for termination of the rental contract. If the behaviour persists after the tenant has received a written warning, the tenant breaking the house rules in the above a manner will be asked to vacate the flat and look for an apartment elsewhere. Gross misconduct can lead to immediate termination of the rental contract in an expedited manner, without a prior warning (Act on Residential Leases 481/1995, sections 61-62 and 66).

What are the house rules?

The house rules vary slightly by property as follows:

  • Quiet time: 10 p.m. – 7 a.m. at Sööpärintie 2, 11 pm – 6 p.m. for others
  • No pets allowed: Sööpärintie 2, shared flats at Yrjöntie 5
  • No wi-fi included: Aronkylä properties, i.e. Jaakontie 1, Jaakontie 3, Jaakontie 5, Keskustie 10, Keskustie 12
  • There is also some variety in the shared-use equipment (coin-operated laundry rooms, saunas, storage spaces) – the final house-specific rules will be attached to the rental contract.
  • Some apartments have a pre-installed fire alarm, in which case the tenant does not need to buy one. They must still ensure it works through periodical testing. The fire alarm must not be disabled or covered for any reason – if it seems faulty, it must be reported to the maintenance.

However, most things are common to all properties and residents living on the property, so we welcome you to read through the rules so that you will know what is expected from all our residents.

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