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Did you know? All our properties are less than 5 km away from the local supermarkets and the schools and municipal services of Kauhajoki are never far away either

Kauhajoen Asunnot also helps apartment-seekers in English. From this page you can find an overview of all the different rental properties we have in our portfolio as well as some basic information about Kauhajoki suburbs and what one must consider while living in a rental flat in Finland. The shortcut menu will help you move quickly between sections as required.

Are you looking for a student apartment or simply a rental flat in Kauhajoki?

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Tip: If you are not yet familiar with the Finnish apartment terms and abbreviations, you can check out some keywords here. You can also return here from the link at the end of the section. Happy browsing!

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Automatically translating Finnish-language websites

We recommend using the browser version of the Google Translate as it offers an option to translate the text on an entire site from a link.

  1. Copy the URL i.e. the link of the page you want to read.
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Depending on the language pair selected, the translation quality may vary slightly. Finnish-to-English tends to have fewer inaccuracies than language pairs where the artificial intelligence creating the translation has not had as much training. If some information seems unclear, you can ask us for clarification and we will try to help to the best of our ability.